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FAQ’s for Avance Skin Care

1. What makes Avance different?

Our products are designed to be effective and gentle even on the most sensitive skins. Avance is suitable for a wide range of skin types like normal skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, and so on.

2.Why Avance’s products are suitable for sensitive skin?

Avance’s products are suitable for sensitive skin types because we use science-based formulas that reinforce the skin’s natural barrier.

The PH levels of our skincare creams combined with the plant-based nature of our ingredients make them ideal for even the most sensitive skin types. We also design our products to have a PH level that respects your skin’s acid-alkaline balance.

3. Are your products gluten and paraben free?

Yes, our products are completely gluten and paraben free hence making them suitable for people who have allergies to the same.

4. Are your products tested on animals?

Avance skincare products are developed with your skin’s health first and foremost in mind. As responsible citizens, animal welfare is also a key priority for us.

For this reason, we do not test Avance products or ingredients used in Avance on animals at any stage of our product innovation, development, or manufacturing processes. Avance has been utilizing industry-recognized, non-animal testing methodologies on its products since its inception.

5. Can pregnant women use it?

While we never recommend pregnant women to try out new skincare products since the safety of women and child is of prime importance. We recommend pregnant women consult their physician before trying any new products.

However, once the pregnancy phase has passed, women can use Avance’s skincare products to reenergize their skin.