Chronolax is an ayurvedic product which helps in the treatment of chronic and habitual constipation.

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Key Ingredients:

– Senna (Casiaangustifolia)
– Isabgol (Plantago ovata)
– Triphala (combination of 3 myrobelons)

Key Benefits:

– Shows good laxative effect with smooth stool consistency
– Increase stool passage (1.9 times higher) without causing diarrhoea, watery stools or physiological dependence
– Assures smooth evacuation without disturbing fluid electrolyte balance
– 100% natural as it has no artificial colour or flavour
– Useful in mild to moderate piles
– Helps to relieve constipation
– Improves bowel movement
– Reduce straining and gives a feeling of complete evacuation

Directions For Use:

– 1 sachet (5g) with a glassful of water (approx. 200 ml) at bedtime
– The dosage is best individualized

Adverse effects:

Product is safe and no adverse effects are reported


– Do not use in case of colorectal cancer.
– Not recommended in pregnant women and children below 12 years of age.


Box containing 10 sachets of 5g granules

Storage Information:

– Keep out of reach of children
– Store in a cool dry place

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10 Sachets


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